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Foodfort at Boise's Annual Treefort Festival

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Written by Danielle Christine,

Author, artist, and owner of Apericena and Haute Foods.

Foodfort's Street Eats

Whether you are a Boise-native or passing through this beautiful city during the magical time of the year that is Treefort, you are sure to have heard of it by now. It may have been the colorful paintings courtesy of Dreyfus Art on many local business down town that caught your eye. It may have been the unique collection of Treefort apparel popping up across the city. We certainly did not miss the custom, vintage-inspired jackets made by Nana’s Collective (which sold out within 48-hours of hitting the shelves).

Photo courtesy of Aaron Rodriguez of Vision Kit Studio.

Though Treefort Music Fest provides entertainment of various forms—art, music, community and entertainment—there is one particular aspect of Treefort that resonates with us the most. And we’re sure you already know what that is. Foodfort. While the festivities of Treefort began yesterday and will continue to run through Sunday, Foodfort is an experience of its own. Think of it as a three-day celebration of food, a celebration of Boise’s best chefs and restaurants, and a celebration of our innate desire to food not just our bellies, but our soul.

We are on our way check out Street Eats, an evening of cuisine inspired by the night markets of Asia and South America. We are looking forward to getting a taste of menu items from local chef's of The Wylder, Madre Taqueria, Lime & A Coconut, Petite4, Camel’s Crossing, Zee's Rooftop Cafe, and Wild Root. Did we mention their would be cocktail pairings made by Buffalo Trace? And let's not forget dessert from the Boise owned and operated ice cream shop, The STIL.

Stay tuned for more on Treefort and Foodfort fest this weekend as we make our way downtown to check out the festivities.

For more information on Foodfort and what Treefort has to offer in the meantime, be sure to check out their website at Don't forget to check out their app for event times and locations!


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