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Bleubird & Petit 4 Live On

Written by Danielle Christine,

Author, artist, and owner of Apericena and Haute Foods.

Restaurantanteurs DK and Sarah Kelly announced a bittersweet close to their wildly successful sandwich shop Bleubird in November of 2017. Located on 10th and Idaho, Bleubird successfully operated for more than five years, with lines regularly wrapping around the block for the duration of the lunch hour. The community can confirm there wasn't a day that by when someone wasn’t waiting at the door when Bleubird opened, and a line at the register until it closed.

Bleubird quickly became a community staple, but the concept was always regarded by the Kelly's as the foot in the door that would allow them to take the next steps in their food journey. Like many restauranteurs, Bleubird was within budget, but the work was exhausting and they couldn't do this forever.

Photos courtesy of Guy Hand for Edible Idaho. 2018.

Bleubird may have closed its doors, but this endeavor was only the beginning of the impact the Kelly’s would have on the Boise restaurant scene. Relocating from the heart of downtown Boise to a remote part of the Boise Bench, the pair sought to open the bistro they had dreamed of for so many years before. Though many lacked the vision the duo shared for what Petit 4 would eventually become, their vision was always clear.

“People thought we were crazy for buying up there,” Sarah said. “Look at it now. It’s always hard to be the first.”

And the first, they were. Previously lacking in community-hubs and featuring views of a train track and a long-abandoned gas station, the Boise community could have never prepared themselves for what DK and Sarah would create here. Their efforts in community building on the Boise Bench would eventually attract names like The Stil, Push and Pour, and Madre to join in on what they worked so hard to create.

Offering a seasonal, French bistro-inspired menu, Petit 4 quickly became one of the Boise restaurant greats. In addition to their custom emerald green dining booths, mid-century brass accents, and Bleubird memorabilia, the wrap around bar top overlooking the exposed kitchen made Petit 4 a top destination dining experience.

Much to the community’s dismay, Petit 4 struggled to stay afloat amidst the pandemic, and were forced to close for a significant time admist pandemic restrictions. Though they eventually reopen in April of 2021, the restaurant’s revival did not last. On May 5th, 2022, the pair announced their final dinner service would be held on May 29th, 2022. Reopening their doors to the public did bring excitement and relief, but unfortunately, those were not the only feelings their reopening instilled.

“[Re-opening] also brought the harsh realities of trying to run a restaurant during a pandemic. Everyone knows supply chain issues, employee cost, employee availability concerns, fuel costs and food price spikes have hurt our industry, but with a tiny spot like ours those problems were exacerbated,” said Sarah.

Still wildly supported by the community they worked so hard to grow, the duo will continue to offer their signature Coffee and Donuts on Saturdays and occasional pop-ups.

“We love all of you and can’t thank you enough for making Petite4 what it was,” DK and Sarah wrote.

Though Petit4 and Bleubird are no longer with us, the impact they made on Boise's food scene will last a lifetime. We the contributions DK and Sarah made to the Boise food community and anxiously await their next endeavor. Regardless of the direction they take, we know it will only elevate the Boise Restaurant Greats' to new heights.

Photo courtesy of Laurie Pearman for Edible Idaho



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